Pan Asian Data Service

  • Based in Asia focused on Asia

    Based in Asia focused on Asia

    Accurate,timely insurance data-even in those difficult to reach markets!

  • Giving you information the others cannot provide

    Giving you information the others cannot provide

    Private -for your eyes only-credit ratings-free from bias and conflicts of interest!

  • Asia’s specialist regional data agency

    Asia’s specialist regional data agency

    Providing you with Asia focused insurance data, bespoke training, ratings advice and private ratings

About Us

Pan Asian Data (PAD) is a specialist data and insurance service company which, unlike other providers, is focused on Asia based in Asia. PAD provides high quality, accurate and timely information on Asian insurance companies and markets. PAD also provides high quality ancillary services especially to read more »

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Please check out our sample reports. There is a company report and a country report -please click on the link below
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Bespoke Data Analysis

PAD offers standard reports on individual insurance companies and markets in Asia. However, no standard package can meet all particular requirements; therefore, we offer personalized data analysis and research to match the client’s exact needs.

While we provide extensive coverage, there may be a company or market segment that we do not cover. Please inform us and we will provide the requested data in the format you require.

No project is too big or small. Please let us know your requirements and we will provide you with the data or research solution to meet your precise requirements.

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